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Despite Indictment, Israeli PM Hanging on to Political Career

The law may seem clear: a minister who has been indicted must resign. However, there is no such stipulation for a prime minister. The reason, according to most interpretations, is a practical one: if a prime minister were to resign, this would bring down the government and make a new coalition or elections necessary. Therefore, a sitting prime minister has automatic immunity.

How Iran Has Broken the Strategic Deadlock Created by the US

Iran’s strategy following the US’ withdrawal from the JCPOA has focused on two objectives. The first is to push back against the maximum pressure policy with the aim of proving its irrelevance in bringing Iran to the negotiating table on US terms. The second is to drive a wedge between the US and its regional allies, especially Iran’s Arab neighbours.

US Recognition of Illegal Settlements Puts Israel a Step Closer to Annexing Parts of West Bank

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, however, welcomed the statement, saying it “rights a historical wrong”, adding that Israeli courts were the place to determine the legality of the settlements, “not biased international forums that pay no attention to history or facts”.

Earning Potential Attracts Foreigners to Egypt’s Belly Dancing Scene

In Egypt, where belly dancing has long been one of the most important arts, the market is filled with dancers of various nationalities looking for fame and fortune. The competition between Egyptian and foreign dancers is fierce. Atiyat Abdel Fattah Ibrahim, better known as Fifi Abdou, has been the most renowned Egyptian belly dancer since stars such as Suheir Zaki, Tahiyyah Karyoka and Najwa Fouad quit the scene.